Making an electronic 7th Tradition contribution to your meeting

When making a donation, make sure to add your Group’s 3-digit Group Code to the “What’s it for” field in Zelle or the “Add a message” or “Add a note” field in Paypal.  Donations without a 3-digit code will go directly to the Clubhouse.

You can find your group’s code from the list at the bottom of this page, on the printed meeting schedule on the wall in the room, or on our meeting list on

Zelle:  Send your payment to

Paypal:  Send your payment to @sunnydunesclubhouse or click here

Group Codes

7am Attitude Adjustment Group Online:150

5th Tradition 7 am Attitude Adjustment:100

Design for Living Group:101  

Midday Group:102

Happy Hour Group:103

Last Call:104

Women’s 5th Tradition 105

Aging Gracefully 106 

A New Freedom (CMA) 200

Change Happens (CoDA) – 201