May 2021 Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2021

Committee Members: 

Chairman: Gerard K., Co-Chair: Michael K., Secretary: Michael C., Auditor: Michael S., Accountant: Jody, K., Zoom Coordinator: Michael P.

General Services Representative: Leonard L., Intergroup Rep: Jesse G, Webmaster: Todd S. Telephone List: Tommy R. Supplies: Mike H.

1 Call to order

Chairman Gerard K. opened the meeting at 6:30 pm with the Serenity Prayer.  The Twelve Traditions of AA were read. 

2. Roll Call

Secretary Michael C did the role call. The following secretaries in attendance: Sunday 10am (zoom), 5:30pm: Monday 7am, 7am (zoom), 8pm(zoom): Tuesday 8:30am, 4:30: Wednesday 7am (zoom), 8:30am: Thursday 7am, 8:30 (zoom): Friday 7am, noon, 5:30, 7pm: Saturday, 7am (zoom) 7am, 8:30am.

A total 18 voting secretaries and 18 members at large were present. 

3. Approval of minutes from last meeting. 

Secretary, Michael C read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved. 

4. Chairman Report-Gerard K. 

The number of chairs in the room were increased to 63 representing 50% of the allowance mandated by health regulations. There are now 2 mops which can be used simultaneously to keep the room clean. 

Michael H has volunteered to be the supply person and has begun to organize, and purchase needed items for the room. A motion was made to approve Michael to be the new supply person and it was approved. 

5. Co-Chair Report: Michael K. 

Said that is role as co-chair was to coordinate with the other committee members and to help them when he can. He has been monitoring the health and safety guidelines for Riverside County tier system and updating the room as needed. 

6. Treasurers Report: No Treasurer-Open Position

Jody K filled in and gave the financial report.  We took in a large anonymous donation from a member which has been set aside for use with anything related to the building. A member raised concerns about the $5,000 cap for financial contributions of AA according to traditions, but it was explained this money was not going to AA and was being held in a separate fund. Because of the way Sunny Dunes 5th Tradition is set up, it does not fall into the restricted donation cap of $5,000 The money will be used for the up coming move out of our current space and into a new one in the coming months. We were reminded of the very high cost of moving from Steinmart to the current location. 

7. Auditors Report: Michael S. 

He looked over the financial statements and the report and everything seem to be in order. 

General Services Representative:  Leonard L 

Leonard will attend next GSR meeting to discuss what happened at the National Meeting and will report back. 

Zoom Coordinator:  Michael P

Michael said he would keep the committee up to date with the Zoom coordination. 

Chips and Literature: Nikki C

No report

Supplies: Michael H. 

No report. 

Intergroup Representative: Jesse G.

Central Office’s purpose, is to assist AA groups and help start new AA groups.

Recovery Centers. The ABC club in Indio will reopen in June. The Ranch has reopened. Betty Ford has not reopened but, expected to open soon.

AA Groups Fellowship Hall in Palm Desert is re-open with the majority of the Face to Face meeting’s in Hybrid.

Meetings Zoom and Face to Face meeting’s only are also available.  

D.Y.C.P.A.A.  has meeting every Sunday at 7pm. @ Fellowship hall

Perez road re-opened

Central Office was unanimously granted funds from the Board Members to purchase Equipment to have all it’s Committee meetings in Hybrid. And Central office received Two separate donations of $3500. 

Telephone and Meeting List: Tommy

Is waiting until we are more up and running. 

Grapevine Rep: John G. 

No report  

Webmaster: Todd S.

Todd continues to update the website. He added a “contact us” link to give members a way to reach out to the committee.

Old business

Open Position: Treasurer. 

Bill L volunteered to be the treasure and a vote was taken and was approved. 

OPEN POSITIONS REMAINING: Maintenance, Cleaning Coordinator 

New Business: 

[PENDING -per group vote at June 14 Committee meeting] The Sunny Dunes 5th Tradition By-laws have been updated and will need to get approval from the individual groups and will be voted on at the next business meeting in June. The Sunny Dunes 5th Tradition By- Laws need to be updated to reflect the position of Zoom coordinator has been added to the executive committee. A member asked if a person for the Zoom coordinator position would then need to be voted on once the by-laws are changed.

The lease for the current space ends on June 30, 2021. The management will be offering a new extended lease as the property has been earmarked for demolition in the coming months for a fast food restaurant. The management company has offered us a couple of suites on the other side of the mall. 

A committee will need to be established this week for the purposes of finding a new space, either to rent or possible purchase. We are looking for members from the group who have experience in commercial real estate to help on this committee, along with the current executive committee. Gerard is looking into if we automatically move into a month to month lease until we move. Any member interested in being on the committee are to call Gerard K.

The CDC has reduced their requirements for cleaning of surfaces. After May 15 the county is likely to move into Yellow Tier. We will keep the current cleaning protocol. 


Gerard K adjourned the meeting at 7:27 with the Serenity Prayer. 

Thank you for allowing me to be of service 
Respectfully submitted
Michael C. Secretary