October 2021 Meeting Minutes

Sunny Dunes Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2021

Approved at December 13, 2021

Committee Members:

Chairman: Michael C., Co-Chair: Michael K., Secretary: Helen B., Treasurer:  Meredith J., Accountant: Sari.,, Auditor:  Michael S., GSR: Leonard L., Grapevine:  Kent B., Historian: Mark C., Intergroup: Bruce K;, Supplies: Mike H, Telephone and meeting List: Tommy R., Webmaster: Todd S., Online Meeting Coordinator:  Michael P.

Meeting Called to Order at 0630 by Michael Crosby – Chair

Serenity Prayer

Mission Statement read by Michael C., Chair

12 Traditions read by Michael K., Co-Chair

Roll Call completed by Secretary, Helen B.

Zoom Attendees: 23

In Room Attendees:  19

Total:  42 in Attendance

The Following Meetings were represented:  

Monday: Friday:

7am in person 7 AM in person

Noon in person 10 AM Zoom

Noon Zoom Noon Zoom

5:30 in person


Tuesday: 7 AM Zoom

7 AM Zoom 10 AM Hybrid

Noon Zoom Noon in person

4:30 Zoom Noon Zoom

6PM in person 1:30 PM in person

6 PM in person

Wednesday: 10 PM in person

7 AM in person

8:30 AM in person Sunday:

Noon in person 7 AM in person

Noon Zoom 7 AM Zoom

3 PM in person 11:30 Zoom/Hybrid

8 PM in person 5:30 In person

5:30 Zoom


7 AM in person

7 AM Zoom

Noon Zoom

Noon in person

5pm in person

Members at Large: 3

Committee Chairs in Attendance: 14

Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Auditor, Accountant,Chips/literature, GSR, Intergroup, Telephone and Meeting list, Webmaster, Online Meeting Coordinator, Grapevine and Historian.

Prior to Committee Reports Newly Elected Chair “Heartfelt thanks” to Gerard K. For his service to Sunny Dunes in his role as Chair and all the continued support around our current lease and search for alternatives.

Committee Reports:

Secretaries Report:  Last months Minutes were read by outgoing secretary Michael C.  Time was provided for questions, amendments and concerns.  None were voiced.  A motion was made to accept the minutes as written, a second was recorded and the minutes were approved.

Treasurer:  Meredith Reported our total income in September was $7,914.55, our total expenses for September was

$5,260.83.  50% of our operating income was distributed, the “Rainy Day Fund” stands at $1,326.78. 

A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report, the motion was seconded and carried.  Meredith also reported on a new process for reimbursement for things purchased for the business of Sunny Dunes:  Email or text receipts to Sari with explanation of purchase and Sari will reimburse based on receipts provided.

Co-Chair:  Michael K reports that he is connecting with both the City of Palm Springs and the County of Riverside on a daily basis checking for changes in the Covid Prevention Mandates.  Currently there is no reduction in current guidelines although it is suspected that these changes are forthcoming with the decrease in cases noted County and City Wide.  For now we continue with current Guidelines.  When these change they will be announced at meetings, posted in the room, on the webpage and FB as well as notices being sent out to members via email.

Accountant – Sari:  Has nothing more to offer – covered in Treasurer’s report.

Auditor – Michael S.:  “Money is collected, money deposited, nothing unusual. . . all is well”

Chips and Literature-Kyle:  There is an abundance of literature and chips.  There may be some supplies that will be returned and Meredith reminds Kyle that she has receipts to accompany any returns.

Cleaning Coordinator – Jeff: no report, not present

GSR – Leonard L:  Reported on Area Assembly and wanted to comment on the # of people serving with phenomenal commitment at this level.  Leonard also announced upcoming workshops being held via zoom in November and will bring back more information.  In Brief … a history of women pioneers in AA 11/6/21 1-4 on zoom.  November 13th a workshop on the 12 Traditions.  More info to come.

Intergroup – Bruce K:  Provided report, the full details of report will be brought to our next next meeting and included in the October minutes.  

Grapevine – John G.: not present 

Supplies – Mike H: not present

Telephone and Meeting List – Tommy:  Reports that the meeting list is now complete with 345 contacts on it.  Just needs approval of costs.  Cost has increased from 0.57cents per pamphlet to 0.63 cents per pamphlet.  Instructions were given by Treasurer to copy receipt by text or email to Sari for payment of invoice.  

Webmaster – Todd:  Continues to work on updating Web page, respond to queries coming in through Web Page and reports that our members email list is now at 200.  

Online Meeting Coordinator – Michael P:  Reports that they have downgraded Zoom licenses from Business Level $200 to Pro level at $74.95/month, creating a significant savings.  Did not need the business level # of licenses.  Also reports that the online telephone list is now combined with the in person telephone list.  

Chair Report – Michael C.

Executive Committee Update:  

Item 1:  Change in Distribution and handling of SC Meeting Minutes.  Starting with October 11, 2021 Meeting Minutes – minutes will be completed in Draft form and posted in the Meeting Room Bulletin Board, on the Web Page, on our FB page and emailed to all our members.  Minutes will no longer be read in the meetings.  Members will have time to review the minute, make notes, amendments, concerns and questions.  At the November Meeting we will have discussion, make changes as needed prior to asking for a motion to approve.  This should save some Time in our regular meetings to take more new business from the floor.  

Item 2:  We voted to change the name of Zoom Coordinator to Online Meeting Coordinator to be more in line with meetings that were already in existence prior to Covid and the arrival of Zoom.  

Item 3:  We have approved a request from our Auditor for a $500 expenditure for Quick books training, the transfer from our last auditing system to Quick books is more complex than we anticipated.  

Item 4:  The position of Maintenance Coordinator remains open.  A call for anyone in the room or on Zoom who may want to do business was made.  No one present volunteered.  It is suggested that all secretaries take this open position back to their meetings and announce and describe the duties of the position. The duties of the job include: change of air filters, monitor kitchen area, minor jobs, meet with inspectors, oversee facility, light bulbs, interact with property manager as needed, troubleshoot any issues with water cooler, meet repairmen when needed.  

Item 5:  Intergroup representative has stepped down and John G. Has volunteered to take the rest of this commitment.  Chair thanks both outgoing Rep Kent B and John G for their service.  

Item 6:  The Electronic lock on the Sunny Dunes meeting room may not be working properly and the door has been found open several times.  Chair is asking that all Secretaries double check the door after locking, often it sounds as if it has locked and actually has not secured properly. Please check after locking.  

Item 7:  Room move update:  A counter lease offer has been made to the new landlord and we are expecting to have information from them on Tuesday, October 12th.  Once we have their answer to this counter we expect to call an emergency Steering Committee meeting which we expect to be on Monday October 25th at 6:30 PM.  We will be updating all members on the counter offer via email, FB, Web page, Sunny Dunes Bulletin Board.  This emergency meeting will be to review our options our Sunny Dunes meeting space.  To accept the new landlord counter offer or to accept our current Landlords proposal. This information will be spelled out so that all members will be informed.  ALL SUNNY DUNES LOCAL MEMBERS can cast a vote.  Not just secretaries or committee chairs.  Each member will have a vote but you must be present to cast your vote.  The meeting will be hybrid, you can attend by zoom or in person at the meeting.  We respectfully ask those members of Sunny Dunes who do not live in the Coachella Valley not to vote on this issue.  As this vote will determine the meeting place of locals who live in the area and who are either already attending meetings in person, or who will be or want to be attending in person when it is safe for them to do so.  

New Business:

Rick L:  Requested Approval for Tuesday 4pm Grapevine Meeting to take the place of the 4:30 Tuesday stating that the Women’s meeting, which currently is being meeting online at the time is no longer using the in-person space.  

There was a clarification from the floor that this in-person space was being held for the Women’s Meeting to resume at a later time.  Chair – Michael C. Asked that this request be tabled at this time giving Kelly time to take this discussion to the Women’s meeting to see if they are willing to release hold on the in-person time.  Chair Michael C asks that Rick wait until next month to bring this discussion back under Old Business.  

Correction to Minutes:  *If you would like to start a brand new meeting at Sunny Dunes, you must submit the meeting format, name of Secretary, date, and time of the meeting, to the Chair of the Steering Committee.  All new meetings are brought to the next steering committee for introduction and a vote.

Highlighted portion Replacing this statement:  “Reminder that there is a process in place requesting a new meeting.  A form to request a new meeting is on the web page and should be completed and submitted to Secretary or Chair person for approval.  See Web Page for further information.”

Michael K: Parking lot at Sunny Dunes will be under repair from 10/18-10/20.  The parking area at Sunny Dunes will not be available on the 18th all day, be prepared to park on the street or in another part of parking lot on that day.  

No further business. A motion to adjourn is made and seconded.  The meeting is adjourned at 7:33 following the Serenity Prayer.  

Thank you for allowing me to be of Service

Helen Bushong, SC Secretary

Minutes Approved December 13, 2021