Resources for online meeting secretaries

  • Make an announcement about how members can make a 7th Tradition contribution to their meeting, include your group’s 3-digit Sunny Dunes code.  You can paste this link ( into the chat for meeting attendees.
  • Please read the Clubhouse Announcements even if the information is not new. We want to ensure all group members get this information.  This is one of the primary methods of communication the Clubhouse uses to communicate with all groups. You can omit the information that is specifically for the physical meeting room.
  • When your term ends, please make sure the incoming secretary fills out the update form, this will let the Clubhouse know you are no longer responsible for the meeting.


Sunny Dunes Group Agreement
Each online group is subject to this agreement.


Other resources your group might find helpful:

The A.A. Group pamphlet – this describes the Service positions of an A.A. group

The A.A Group Treasurer pamphlet