Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 3/14/22 Draft

  1. Call to Order

The Meeting is called to order at 6:30 by Michael K, Co-Chair,  with the Serenity Prayer 

Reading of the introduction – by Michael K., Co-Chair

Reading of the 12 traditions  – by Willie

Roll Call instructions provided by the Secretary – Helen B. 

  1. Board Members Present:

Michael K., Co-Chair

Ernie S., Treasurer

Helen B., Secretary

  1. Committee Chairs present:

Bruce K. – IG Rep

Leonard L. – GSO

Todd S. – Webmaster

Michael P. – Online Meeting Coordinator 

Dan D. – Cleaning Coordinator 

Tommy R – Phone List

John G – Grapevine

Meetings Represented (combined online and Zoom):   22 

Members at Large:  8

  1. Approval of minutes; Secretary:  Helen B., Minutes Reviewed, no changes, no addendums, no questions were presented for the February Steering Committee Minutes.

Motion to accept minutes was made and seconded.  Motion Carried.

5. Committee Reports 

Chair Report:  Michael C. on vacation Report summary given by Michael K.

  • Michael C. will give a comprehensive report next month.  
  • Co-Chair Report:  Michael K.
  • Mask mandate is lifted:  Members may make their own personal choice to wear or not wear masks as they are comfortable.  Sunny Dunes will continue to provide masks and hand sanitizer for members.  
  • Special Meeting planned for Saturday March 26 by at 3pm.  The Transition Committee and David from Central Office.  This meeting will review choices and decisions that can be made by individual groups and meetings.  David will provide training and support as we move into our new Clubhouse Model.  we move into our clubhouse model.  

Secretary Report:  Helen B.

  • Reminder to all Secretaries, outgoing Secretaries and incoming Secretaries to please update their Contact information.  Currently you can do this simply and easily online.  There is a link on the web page that will walk you quickly through the changes.  If you do not have access to the internet, you can text or email the Secretary to update these changes for you.  Helen asked that everyone please announce at all meetings.  

Treasurer’s Report:  Ernie S.

Ernie provided copies of the Financial report for January 2022 and February.  

Current income and expenses as well as trends for contributions.  

Comment from Member, acknowledging the amount of donations received from Zoom meeting participants.   

Question from Member:  regarding the amount of prudent reserve.  Amount verified.  Brief discussion regarding prudent reserve.  

Auditor:  not present

Chips/Literature Chair – Kyle M. not present

Cleaning Coordinator Report:  reporting for Mike H. 

  • Dan reports all is going “wonderful”.  

GSR Report:  Leonard L. 

  • Education and GSR training – April 9th all day meeting 
  • Big agenda item – changing language – people vsv men and women
  • Question/Discussion around each group/meeting considering the service position of GSR so we are adequately represented.
  • Leonard reminded members that his service position was coming up at about the same time as the transition to the Clubhouse model.  

Grapevine Report:  John G. 

  • Nothing new to report.  

H&I – vacant

Intergroup Rep Report: Bruce K.

  • Central Service Office has a conference room that can hold 25-35 people and can be rented for the cost of $25.00/month 
  • Book of the month club:  As Bill Sees It for $8.50 instead of $9.50.
  • Bruce brought in many pamphlets about Intergroup and left copies in the back. 

Maintenance Report:  Michael K. providing Report for Michael H. who needed to leave early tonight.  

  • Door knob has been repaired.  
  • We are well stocked and all is in good shape.

Online Meeting Coordinator Report:  Michael P. 

  • No new report

Phone/Meeting Lists Report: Tommy

  • Tommy reports that we will hold off on the reprinting of new phone lists as it is likely that each group will be creating individual lists.  

Webmaster Report: Todd S. 

  • The web site was hacked on Saturday – members reported that going in through the Google Sunny Dunes website they were connected with a Viagra sales website.  
  • A new URL will be replacing gayaainthedesert. org.

New Business:  

1.    Discussion as to people coming into the meeting intoxicated.  

  • A new group conscious was taken to confront the situation and to alert the intoxicated person that they may stay, but not speak or interrupt the meeting otherwise they would be asked to leave.  
  • Secretary’s we must take charge of meeting for safety.

2.    Discussion and experiences of other members with similar situations.  

  • Recently there was an incident which resulted in a call to the police and reports it took 40 minutes for the police to arrive.
  • Member states that one cannot disrupt the many
  • Member states that it takes too long for the police to arrive and feels, we should walk him out of the room for the safety of the members and the meeting.
  • Members states that walking him out is fine if it is safe to do so, otherwise call the police.  # is listed between the bathrooms.  

3.    A member donated 150 new journals that are free for members to take.  They will be placed on the top shelf of the book cabinet.  

4.    A new H&I LGBTQ, resource has been started as well as ICYPOD Reach Out.

5.    Treasurer – Ernie announced that Sunny Dunes Inc would be looking for new letterhead and logo for the New Sunny Dunes, Inc Clubhouse and would be looking to involve members in a “creative endeavor” in the form of a artistic contest.  The Winner to be given a prize – and more to be revealed.  

Next Steering Committee to be held on April 11, 2022.  

Motion to adjourn and seconded meetings adjourned at 7pm. 

Closed with Serenity Prayer