April 11 Committee Meeting Minutes – draft

April 11, 2022

Sunny Dunes 5th Tradition Group Steering Committee Meeting 

Meeting Called to Order at 6:30 PM by Chair – Michael C

Michael led the Serenity Prayer and  read opening statement.  

12 Traditions read by Robert C.

Roll Call:  Helen B.  Instructions reviewed for Online and In Person Attendance.  

Board Members Present:  5

Committee Chairs Present:  8

Meeting Secretaries present:  20 representing 21 meetings

  • Online Meetings represented:  6 
  • Inperson Meetings Represented:  15

Members at Large Present:  7

Minutes:  Helen B. Secretary reports that there were no comments, changes, addendums received since the posting of the March Meeting minutes.   Helen called for a motion to approve.  A motion was made and seconded.  March Minutes approved.  

Co Chair Report:  Michael K.

No new updates.  However Michael wanted to acknowledge all of the hard work to everyone for the impressive turnouts at all the special meetings, trainings and for taking responsibility for moving this process along.  

Secretary:  Helen B.  No new updates.

Treasurer:  Ernie S.

Presented a Brief summary of Treasury.

Income:  $9654

Expenses $7260

Net income for month $2394

Balance sheet $61,997 as of April 1.  

Overall we are “doing very well”. 

Accountant:  Michael I.  Not present

Auditor:  Earle D. Not present

Chips and Literature:  Kyle – Not present

Cleaning Coordinator:  Dan/Todd:  Asking that Secretaries announce that more volunteers are needed to help with cleaning.  Otherwise things are going quite well.

GSR:  Leonard L.:  No New Updates

Grapevine:  John G.:  Will be purchasing Grapevine Magazines for the meeting rooms.

H&I:  Rory is the DCYPAA for LGBTQ+ in the Desert.  Mentioned several meetings in our area.  Can find more information at DCYPAA.org

Intergroup: Bruce K.:  Book of the month is Visual History of AA $10 instead of regular cost of $12.00.  Intergroup could use more phone volunteers.  Also excited with the transition of Groups becoming Autonomous there will be more opportunities to increase our voice at the level of Intergroup in the District.

Maintenance:  Mike H.:  Coffee pot plugs have been repaired.  

Online Meeting Coordinator:  Mike P. Not present.

Supplies:  Mike H.:  EXCITING NEWS – We have found a supply of half and half creamers!

Telephone and Meeting List:  Tommy – 25 more names added to our current phone list.  Discusses the possibility of this position changing as each new group may want to manage their own phone lists.  Pros and Cons discussed.  

Webmaster:  Todd S. – Website changing and more resources available to members:  Online / In Person meeting lists combined, And a printable version is now available.  Secretary’s training manual, and other handouts that were distributed by David from CSO.  

Chair:  Michael C.  

  • reports that we have an estimate to have the 4 doors in the room painted for the cost of $149.00 and that Mike H. will facilitate.  The painting of the walls may be postponed as the Painter felt that the walls do not need it, rather just need cleaning.  This is still under consideration.  
  • Electrician fixed coffee plugs.
  • Kyle has stepped down from position of Chips and Literature and James M is our new Chips / Literature person.  He has already begun an inventory of chips that we are running low on and is placing an order.  
  • Transition plan update:  going very well.  Meetings are actively moving forward on suggestions.  
  • The Noon Meetings have organized 13 in person meetings into one group plus 1 zoom meeting.  They have scheduled a business meeting for this coming Saturday.
  • Secretaries will need to take it upon themselves to begin to organize and facilitate the running of the business meetings – using the resources provided by David from CSO.  The pamphlet:  AA groups.
  • Discussion:  Business Meetings – Where and When:

As new meetings form and find they need a space for holding Business meetings longer than the few minutes available before and after regular AA meeting, you can reach out to Michael C. who can help you determine a free time available in the room.  For example there are an additional 3  Saturdays available from 12:30 to 3pm.  It is important to schedule these times in order to avoid conflicts.  

  • Next month’s Steering Committee Meeting.  It will be ending of the old Steering Committee meeting and the beginning of the New Board of Directors meeting.  It is thought that there will be a discussion of the old 5th Tradition Group of Sunny Dunes and then open the first Board of Directors meeting for the Sunny Dunes Inc “Clubhouse”.  
  • There have been many discussions in the Planning/Transitions Sub Committee on how to honor the history and the ‘Old Timers’ who made this possible.  Some have passed and we have talked about how to Memorialize those who have come before us and have walked through this room.  We welcome all your thoughts and Ideas on this topic.
  • The biggest change in the holding of monthly Board Meetings from our old Steering Committee Meetings – is that any agenda items that you want to bring to the Board Meetings must be sent to the Board in advance.  Then you will have 5 minutes to present your information, questions or items for discussion.  Please submit these by email using the website email address. 
  • Annual membership meeting will be for full membership open discussions and the voting of the Board of Directors.  
  • Starting in June 6:45 pm – online zoom board of directors meeting.
  • Michael H. has agreed to continue on with supplies and maintenance.
  • Phone Lists sub committee chair will be changing to group specific phone lists.

No planned New Business or Old Business – Chair asks for other questions/Concerns from the Floor:

Comment from the floor:  Sunny Dunes is Area 9 District 9 

Comment from Treasurer- Ernie states that he will supply to all new group treasurers the distribution percentages that Sunny Dunes used to ensure that in addition to the GSO in New York, District, and Area donations we have supported Gay Groups representing at local / National level.  Also discussion about each group needing to discuss whether or not they will put out a separate Can or other method to collect donations for H&I.  Ernie will provide the list of how we have traditionally donated and will share Todd S. for inclusion in the website links. 

Question from Floor about the time of upcoming Trainings with David from CSO.  

Answer:  Training is scheduled for Saturday the 16th at 3pm.  

Comment:  from the floor about how to register groups with New York and the number assigned will be linked to the Name of your Group.  

Question from the floor:  Will the website be at our disposal to post notices and announcements.  

Answer:   no – this will not be open for posting.

Question about the Facebook page – will it change.

Answer:  The Facebook name will change to reflect the New Sunny Dunes Clubhouse.  

Question:  What about our annual Christmas / Thanksgiving Celebrations.  Will they continue?

Answer:  Yes.  Sunny Dunes Clubhouse will continue to host these events and hopefully many more – alcathons, dances and other sober events.  

Comment:  New Membership Chair – Shay

Reports that she is already looking at ways to build the Sunny Dunes Clubhouse Membership.  And is excited about the possibility of mugs, T-Shirts, and a membership phone list. 

 Secretaries, to join, software will track all of this, renewals.  

Question:  What will it cost to be a member of the Clubhouse? And why would we be members?

Answer:  Why?  So you can be a part of this historic change.  All Clubhouse members will have a voice and a vote in annual meetings. Receive discounts to Club House Events.  You will also be a part of creating a larger more inclusive Recovery Base in the Coachella Valley.

Question: Will all recovery groups have a space here?

Answer:   Yes

How will these groups join?  If you know someone who wants to start a new 12 step group of any type, they can reach out to us, fill out an application along with specific outline and built in support.  IE:  What is the group?  A meeting format?   How many members have committed to attend?  Minimally you will need to have a Secretary, a co secretary and a treasurer.   We want to ensure that the meetings have the best chance to succeed.  The application will allow us to ensure the time slot you picked is still available.  

Comment co-chair:  Michael K.  Reminds us the clubhouse is not anonymous. The club house can do community outreach.  We can do fundraisers.  

Question:  Will the website address be changed to sunnydunes.org.?

Answer:  Yes.  Gayaainthedesert will go away.

Question:  What about the sign?  

Answer:  No decision has been made. But we feel the sign is not going anywhere and there will be a special place for it.  Where, how, all up for discussion.  Honoring the past and embracing the future is the goal.  

Comment:  Gayaainthedesert will proxy forward.

Comment:  Because of our Non profit status and our membership base – may put us closer to the ultimate goal – to buy our own place.

Question:  How much and how often will dues be charged.  

Answer:  Under discussion.  Most likely dues will be annually, but we will know by or before May 5th. 

Motion to Adjourn is made by Co-Chair:  Michael K.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm