February 2020 – Meeting minutes draft

Sunny Dunes 5th Tradition Group 

February 14, 2022 – Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 


Meeting is called to order by Chair Michael C. at 6:30 pm

Reading of the 12 Traditions by Gene

Attendance – Sign-in process reviewed by Secretary Helen B.

Board Members Present:  12, Members At Large:  3, Online Secretaries:  7, In Person Secretaries:  18

Total Meetings Represented:  25 out of total of 68 possible.

Secretary Reviewed Minutes from January Steering Committee Meeting 

– motion to approve minutes, and minutes approved.  

Co-Chair – Michael K 

Reports that the City of Palm Springs is continuing mask mandate.  A reminder that despite the rescinding of the state mandate on 2/15/22 the City of Palm Springs will continue the mask mandate.  Sunny Dunes is located within city limits and will comply with continuing masking.  To be reviewed again in upcoming weeks and Michael K will keep us updated. Michael K. thanks everyone for their cooperation with these changes.  

Secretary Report –  Helen B. has no new agenda items.

Treasurer report – Ernie, passed out copies of financial report and report will be available on website as well.  

Summary of report:

January net income $4600.41 

Alerted us to “timing errors” in payments/deposits due to the timing of outgoing payments or incoming deposit at the end of month.  

Current balance:  $3400.70 

Contributions to be distributed.  

Questions for Treasurer from the floor:  

Question: is the line item for rent accurate?  

Answer:  As alluded to above, if the timing of rent is due on the weekend, it reverts to the previous or next day after sometimes showing 2 rent payments in one month.  This will be corrected in bill pay and will resolve the issue.

Question:  Is Bill for Michael I.’s services correct?

Answer:  This initial cost is slightly over the norm due to the set up of a new accounting system.  

Accountant Report:  Michael I. not present

Auditor’s Report – Michael S.  Not present.  Chair Micheal C reports – that Michael S. will be stepping down.  Michael announces that Earle has agreed to step into this service position temporarily.  The plan is for these duties will become a part of the responsibility for the co-treasurer, once transition to Sunny Dunes Inc is completed.  Welcome to and Thank You to Earle.  Michael C. Also made the announcement that we are looking for volunteers or nominations for Co Treasurer position.  

Chips and literature Report: – not present, no report

Cleaning / Maintenance Report:  – Dan reports: all is well, crew working well.  All our welcome to come and join in on the bonding and fellowship every Sunday at Noon.

GSR Report– Leonard

International meeting is happening in April with many controversial issues being presented.  EG:  Controversy over the proposed language change ‘from men and women to People’.  The entire agenda can be found on the Area 9 website, but if you would like to email Leonard he will provide you with a copy of all the agenda items.  

Grapevine Report:  John G – noting to report

H&I:  Vacant

Intergroup Report:  – Bruce K 

Book of the month club Sale: “As Bill Sees it “ in large print – normally $9.50 this month $8.50

Gratitude dinner – postponed all together and will be rescheduled in November.  

Desert Life Lines –  placed in back of room.

Upcoming events:  

Perez Plaza 25th anniversary, 

Pow Wow

Central Office District meeting 1st Thursday of every month.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend either in person or online. 

Maintenance Report:   Mike H – nothing to  report

Online Meeting Coordinator Report – Michael P – not present

Phone/Email List  Report:  Tommy reminds folks to please use sign up on the website. Will be updating the list again in May.  

Webmaster Report:  Todd S.

Continues fielding online inquiries, managing website versions of meeting schedules.  Meeting Schedule online is now Searchable.  

Chair Report:  Michael C.

Thank Julia Rosa and Sari, for help with alcathons over holidays.  

Follow up and review of vote held at Special meeting 29th at 3:30 Saturday – review of new bylaws and to dissolve Sunny Dunes in it’s new form.

We are in transition – financially doing well, organization doing well, changes well supported by members.  Some of the benefits of our changes are the opportunity for New service opportunities, more IG representation.

Michael acknowledges that although these changes are needed, are Good and exciting, that it is change and that changes are often scary.  Also states that he has faith that all 

of us working together “- one day at a time, one step at a time,” we will get it done.  Also acknowledges there is a lot to be done and we are looking for volunteers who would like to be a part of the transition. Some of the tasks we are currently  working on:

Education and support to meetings during transition.

Development of Club Policies and Procedures.

Club House – Group contract.

Michael states that None of us took on this project believing that it would be easy;  “but it must be done and we are working hard to make it all happen.” 

Questions from the Floor:

Q:  Will there be a FAQ or Q&A meeting to allow secretaries and other trusted servants to ask questions?

A:  Trainings will be planned at the clubhouse and on zoom to discuss meetings, structure, and transition from old model to new model. new model.

Q:  Have you (Steering Committee) reached out to other groups and other clubhouses for their experience? 

A:  We have talked with LA, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, DC, SF, Miami and others as we worked to create the club house.  Utilizing all the experience of the good and bad and are modeling our Clubhouse on what has been successful across the country.  

Q:  Is there a way to breakdown donations given online and from what meetings?  This Member has come across discussions making allegations that “zoomers” were not supporting Sunny Dunes monetarily.  

A:  Currently it is obvious that the Online meetings are supporting their online groups.  However it is difficult to pull that information filtered by group with our current system.  There is a place for Zelle users to put in what group they are supporting – however it is extremely difficult for us to pull that information out.  When we built the new system we are setting it up with a way to track each donation by group/meeting.  

Q:  Is the “non profit status” now approved at state and Federal levels? 

A:  On a State level the application has been received and approved and our Attorney has been involved every step of the way.  On May 9th, we expect to open the new bank account under the name of Sunny Dunes Inc.  At that time we will be able to submit paperwork Federal 501-C3. 

Q:  When will we get the letter from the IRS?

A:   Expecting to have it by the end of the year.  

Clarification by Vice Chair – Michael K:  A restatement that we have legal representation and he is walking us through all these phases of non profit status, and ensuring that we are meeting all legal requirements.

New Business:  

Member brings to floor safety concerns regarding secretaries being left alone after meeting to close up and walk to their car.  Suggestion that all of us pay attention and offer to remain behind.  

Response:  Chair – concurs with the issue of safety and recommends that we take this safety concern back to our individual meeting.  

No other new Business.

Motion to close meeting made and seconded.  

Meeting closed at 7:03 PM with Serenity Prayer.