Group Agreement

This Agreement is by and between SUNNY DUNES INC., (hereinafter referred to as the “Clubhouse”) a California non-profit corporation, and each 12-step group that meets at the Clubhouse. Each group is subject to this agreement whether they meet in-person or online. This Agreement allows each group to hold meetings on certain days and times as determined by the Clubhouse at its sole discretion. 

  1. A Group that meets at the Clubhouse or online and listed on the Clubhouse meetings schedule is required to pay rent to offset the costs of operating the Clubhouse (currently equal to eighty percent (80%) of the net contributions made by those attending each Group meeting). 
  2. Group agrees that the secretary shall read any announcements from the Clubhouse Board of Directors during the announcements portion of their meetings.
  3. At each meeting, the secretary fills out the Log Sheet on the clipboard
  4. Each individual group shall collect contributions from meeting attendees at each meeting.
    • Electronic contributions: each group has a specific group code attendees use in conjunction with the Clubhouse’s Venmo or Paypal account when making electronic contributions.
    • Cash or check contributions: Each individual group’s treasurer or a trusted servant:
      1. Counts the contributions in the basket.
      2. Fills out a contribution envelope including the meeting’s specific Group Code number, to assist with managing and tracking the contributions collected in the basket.
      3. Puts the cash in the envelope and deposits it in the Clubhouse safe.
      4. The Group acknowledges that any electronic contributions lacking a group code are credited to the Clubhouse general account.
      5. It is suggested that information about the Group Code be made part of the announcements during the meeting, so that the group receives proper credit for member contributions.
      6. If the group collects H&I donations, it should stay separate from the group contributions, and not be sent to the Clubhouse.
  5. If a group wants to collect H&I donations:
    • They should pass the H&I cans (note that it’s suggested that H&I collections be announced separately from the 7th Tradition, and that the cans be passed separately as well)
    • After the cans are passed, the secretary or another trusted servant counts the H&I collection, and sends that amount directly to Coachella Valley H&I via Venmo @cvhandi
    • The secretary or another trusted servant then retains the cash
    • For online meetings, attendees can donate directly to Coachella Valley H&I via Venmo
  6. Quarterly, the Sunny Dunes Clubhouse Treasurer shall send to each individual group’s treasurer the group balance (20% percent of the net contributions, via a mailed paper check sent from the bank account. The quarters are as follows:
    1. January, February, and March (Q1) – disbursed in April
    2. April, May, and June (Q2) – disbursed in July
    3. July, August, and September (Q3) – disbursed in October
    4. October, November, and December (Q4) – disbursed in January
  7. It is the responsibility of the Group to make sure the Clubhouse has up-to-date contact information of the Group’s current Treasurer and Secretary, so that the Group’s balance can be returned to the current Group Treasurer, and that the Clubhouse may contact the Secretary if necessary.
  8. Failure to pay rent:
    • In the event the Group does not make contributions to Sunny Dunes, Inc., for a continuous period of thirty (30) days, the Group shall be given written notice regarding the failure to pay rent. 
    • In the event the Group does not make contributions to Sunny Dunes, Inc., for a continuous period of sixty (60) days, the Group shall be given written notice regarding the failure to pay rent.
    • In the event the Group does not make contributions to Sunny Dunes, Inc., for a continuous period of ninety (90) days, the Clubhouse will assume the Group has elected to terminate this Agreement and no longer use the Clubhouse or be listed on any of the Clubhouse’s physical or online meeting schedules. 
  9. The Clubhouse is available for Group use before and after the scheduled meeting time for setup and fellowship (currently 30 minutes before and after). The Sunny Dunes, Inc. Board of Directors has the right to change this at any time.
  10. Online and hybrid groups agree to use the Clubhouse Zoom account.
  11. Each Group shall ensure that the posted Fire Safety Plans, Government Mandates and Room Occupancy Limits are adhered to.
  12. There are no pets allowed in the Clubhouse. Each Group shall ensure that its members adhere to California law with regards to service animals. California law allows persons with disabilities to bring trained service dogs and psychiatric service dogs, but not emotional support animals, to all public places.
  13. At the conclusion of each Group meeting:
    • The Clubhouse is to be left clean. 
    • All lights and fans are to be turned off and doors to the Clubhouse locked. 
    • Coffee stations must be left clean and turned off. 
    • Return all furniture to its original position. 
    • Check the bathrooms to make sure they are not occupied
    • Empty the trash
    • Report maintenance issues to the Clubhouse Board. 
  14. Groups share a program-related announcement bulletin board affixed to the Clubhouse wall. No announcements are to be secured to any other walls, doors, tables, etc. 
  15. The Group will ensure that its use of the Clubhouse and the conduct of its attendees will not interfere with any other users of the Clubhouse.
  16. Conduct detrimental to the facility or its functioning, clubhouse members, visitors of the clubhouse, or board members is not permitted at any time and individuals may be immediately escorted out of the building. Sunny Dunes Inc. reserves the right to refuse the use of the Clubhouse by any group or individual. 
  17. The Group acknowledges that should the Group disband, no longer have an affiliation with a 12 Step Program, or demonstrate behavior not in accordance with this agreement or the Bylaws of Sunny Dunes, Inc., this Agreement shall immediately terminate. 
  18. The Group hereby waives any and all claims whatsoever it has or may have against Sunny Dunes, Inc., its Board members, officers, agents, members or representatives. 
  19. In the event of any emergency at the Clubhouse, the Group shall first call “911” and then a Clubhouse Board member.
  20. The Clubhouse has complete discretion in determining the schedule for the availability of the facility, and publishes a current schedule of all meetings at the Clubhouse and associated online meetings. The Clubhouse reserves the right to modify the Clubhouse schedule at any time. From time to time the Clubhouse is used for functions that may require a Group to adjust its meeting time. The Clubhouse will use its best efforts to contact the Group prior to any such activity.

Last updated: May 7, 2022