January 2022 – meeting minutes

Sunny Dunes 5th Tradition Group 

January 10 2022 Meeting Minutes

Approved February, 14, 2022

Committee Members: 

Chairman: Michael C., Co-Chair: Michael K.,  Secretary:Helen Bushong.,  Treasurer: Meredith J.,  Accountant:  Sari., Incoming Accountant: Michael I. Auditor: Michael S.,  General Services Representative: Leonard L.,  Grapevine: John G.,  Intergroup Rep:  Bruce K.,  Online Meeting Coordinator:  Michael P., Supplies: Mike H.,  Telephone List: Tommy R.,  Webmaster: Todd S., 

1. Call to order: Chair Michael C. opened the meeting at 6:30 pm with the Serenity Prayer and read the Mission statement. The Twelve Traditions of AA were read by Member.

2. Roll Call. Secretary Helen B. Reviewed pilot of new electronic roll call for Zoom attendees and paper sign in process for in person Attendees.  Roll call completed with Webmaster Todd S. Assisting with online roll call.  

Board & Committee Members:   13

Secretaries:   25 

Members at large:  5

24 out of a possible 69 meetings represented


Co Chair:  

  • Reviewed current COVID 19 mandates for masks initiated by state and continuing through February 15, 2022


  • Secretary Report from December 2021.  Helen read corrections to December Meeting clarified by Member in regard to discussion in December about Meetings that were found to be closed.  The error in the notes was read and the correction provided by Member was read. A motion was called to accept the December meeting with correction.  Motion was made by Michael K. To accept the minutes and was seconded by Meredith J.  Minutes were accepted.  
  • Reported on progress toward creating a more standardized training for new Secretaries.  New training guidelines plan for completion by Feb 1, 2022.


  • Meredith gave the monthly Treasurer’s report.  Full report will be posted at the Bulletin Board.  
  • Meredith made an announcement of her early resignation of Board Position as Treasurer, due to upcoming transitions/changes.  Meredith explains that the changes in the position responsibilities and “learning curve” she felt that it made more sense to allow the new person to learn first hand as systems are changed and developed.    Meredith has offered to orient our new Treasurer and to remain available to assist and support during the transition.  Michael C. Thanked Meredith for her commitment to service and recent work she completed in researching our current donations to AA as a whole.  Report included the needs of AA at District, Area,  and World Service.  The Group thanked Meredith for her service and commitment to Sunny Dunes.  A motion to accept Treasurers report is made and seconded.  Motion carries. 
  • Michael C – Chair:  introduced Ernie S who has volunteered to take the open position of Treasurer.  A motion called to accept Ernie as Treasurer by Chair and seconded by Co-Chair.  Unanimous approval from the room.

Question from Floor – Member – requesting information related to information gleaned from Meredith’s report.  Meredith gave a brief summary of our contributions given to AA as a whole and the needs of each group.  Although many areas have struggled, most are recovering with less activities and needs during this COVID period.  Her full report is available by request.

Continued Discussion:  

Member: Reports that it is his understanding following the GSR report from last night’s meeting that NY was still suffering.  Mark reports that the report indicated that they had to access their reserve.  Mark asked that this go into the record for all of us to keep in mind.  

Meredith reports that Her report indicated that their actual month to month was indicative of them recovering.  Meredith agrees that it will be a while before they are “out of the woods” but that things are improving.   Member agreed that people are stepping up, but there were reports that GSO is still in need of funds and wanted to ensure that this was in the record for our consideration.  

Treasurer Meredith states that a review of percentages of our contributions to AA as a whole should be monitored to mirror financial needs of AA along with our increasing needs as a group with increasing rent and expenses.  

Chair agrees and states that we as a group will be monitoring this concern and reports that the Board has made a decision to again to reduce contributions to 50% of our reserve in order to increase our prudent reserve given our recent change in Rent and overall increase in operating expenses.  

Accountant:  Sari is not present tonight.  But has resigned her position.  Michael I. has volunteered to take the open position of Accountant.  Chair called for motion to accept Michael I. to the position of Accountant, seconded by Co Chair. Unanimous approval from the room.

Auditor:  Michael S reports that everything is in order.  No concerns.

Chips and Literature:  Not present

Cleaning Coordinator:  Dan – New system going well, reducing the time needed to clean to 45 minutes to an hour.  Sunday was 2 hours due to people who had committed did not show up.  Dan reports that he has changed strategy and will be attending other meetings to ask for volunteers.  Dan wants to increase the number of volunteers so as not to depend on one meeting.  He also states he will be collecting phone numbers for volunteers. 

GSR:  Leonard L.- Due to Covid Omnicrom variant, December meeting was cancelled.  They will meet again in January.  No report.

Grapevine: John G. – No report, all is at it should be.

H&I:  Vacant

Intergroup:  Bruce K. –  Gratitude Dinner has been cancelled and will be done virtually – on April 9, more details will be available after the next meeting on January 23rd.  Pow Wow registration starts on January 15th, and is currently scheduled as in person – June 9th through the 12th at the Esmeralda Inn in Indian Wells.  The book of the month club is:  Alcoholics Anonymous the facsimile of the first printing, normally $12.00 will be $9.00.  Secretaries are encouraged to come to the Intergroup meetings the first Thursday of the month at 7pm at Central Office.  

Online Meeting Coordinator:  Michael P – In regard to Hybrid meetings – If you are a secretary of a hybrid meeting it is suggested that you get a co-secretary that is online to assist with muting, calling on raised hands, managing chat, monitoring and assisting with flow of meetings.  Sunny Dunes is working on improving audio and video within Sunny Dunes for Hybrid meetings.  Several potential fixes being considered and starting with the least expensive fixes to the more expensive alternatives.  

Supplies:  Mike H. All is in good order.

Telephone and Meeting Lists:  Tommy texted Chair in advance to report that there was no report for tonight and unable to attend meeting. 

Webmaster:  Todd S. – Nothing big to report, maintain  and keep the website updated.  Responding to inquiries and email lists.  Email list now approaching 250 members. 

Chair:  Michael Crosby:  

Thank you to Michael W. for planning and coordination of the Holiday Party.  Awesome Job.  

The Executive Committee this week voted to increase our prudent reserve.  (Discussed above in detail).

Approved volunteers to open positions of Treasurer – Ernie S. and Accountant Michael I. 

Old Business:  

  • Reported by Chair Michael C – A Member raised the Issue regarding meetings that are not well attended and are struggling, specifically the restart of meetings.  If the attendance is low – what does the secretary do?  Michael C. Reports that the Sunny Dunes Steering Committee hands are tied as we cannot really interfere in the operation of the meetings.  However recommendations are:  
  • Use the FB page to announce the start or restart of a new meeting.
  • Place notices on the walls in the room
  • Make announcements at meetings, go to many different meetings to announce.
  • Initiating a new meeting – consider making it a hybrid meeting to increase attendance.  We will be doing training on how to manage a hybrid meeting.

Update on non profit status: 

  • We are incorporated through the state of CA
  • We are working on the revision of the bylaws to become legal and become a legal document through the state of California and ultimately we are applying for a tax ID # federally.  First step is we finish the bylaws and incorporate at the state level and then we apply for a 501C3 which is federal level 
  • We are having a special meeting Saturday Jan 29th Saturday at 3pm, the board and the planning committee which has been meeting since September are going to present the new bylaws to the members.  
  • It will be an open discussion, we will want to hear your thoughts about it but they will be kinda set in stone as we have been following a legal format given to us by our attorney and there is not a lot of legal dictate, wiggle room, time is now of the essence.  We have to have all of this signed, sealed and delivered by February 17th. That doesn’t mean that starting 2/18 we will be the new sunny dunes.  We will have a 2 month period where we will develope the policies and procedures for the clubhouse documents that we will give all the members along with a month of training to outline the new processes.  Hybrid – and live.

New Business:  

  • Dan – Maintenance Committee:  Reports that Room needs a good painting.  Something that should be scheduled for 2022. 

Painting Discussion:

Question:  Member asks if there is a budget or if we would get volunteers or do fundraising.  

Response by Chair:  Concerns about having a 2 year lease with a 135 day notice to quit.  Recommends we put off planning for a month or two.  

Comment:  Member Reports that the last painting was done by volunteers and this could be done again, but recommends that we have a professional come in and give us an estimate on cost of paint.  

Comment:  Dan – Maintenance Committee:  Advises we have a member with a professional painting service who could give us an estimate on costs to paint or for supplies needed.  Dan will follow up.  

  • Lights in Parking Lot:  Member reports that the lamps in parking lot are not on in the early morning.  Michael K – Co Chair:  advises that this should be discussed with Landlord.  Michael C. – Chair:  agrees to follow up.  
  • 7th Tradition Announcement – Dan:  reports that when Secretary’s announce during the 7th Tradition the need to increase our 7th Tradition over the typical dollar traditionally given has resulted in increased donations.  Dan suggests the Board consider adding an announcement  regarding inflation of the dollar and that the Steering Committee create a standardized message to be read at all meetings.  Michael C. States the Steering Committee will look into this and check with NY to find out if they have already written a standardized message to address this.
  • Zelle and Venmo announcement.  Member asked if the Secretary’s Announcements could include information about Zelle and Venmo in order to remind folks attending in person meetings that they can still participate in 7th tradition electronically.  

Discussion on Secretary Announcements:  

Michael K – Co Chair:  reminds secretaries to read announcements. Michael P reminds us that the current Announcement Sheet is mostly information pertaining to In Person meetings and the Online Meetings do not have access to this Announcement Sheet.  Michael C. Reports that the secretary announcements can be accessed by Online Secretaries from the link on the website.  

  • Sound System:  Member brings to out attention that much of the meeting is not audible for Zoom Participants.  Michael C. – Chair:  Agrees to repeat questions and comments from the floor.  
  • Member:  Asks if there is a microphone system for Sunny Dunes Room. Michael P. – Online Meeting Coordinator:  reports the Board is looking at some solutions starting with the least expensive options and working up to conference systems.  
  • Restart of Friday Night Speaker Meeting 7 PM: Member announces that he will be reopening the Friday Night Speaker Meeting but that the group will no longer be Hybrid.  There is discussion as to how to proceed from Michael P. – Online Meeting Coordinator states that the group initially had voted on the meeting being hybrid and that in order to change it the group would have to meet and hold another group conscience to change it back.  Member clarifies that the Hybrid contingent has not been active/not attending the meeting for some time.  Agrees to schedule a vote for group conscience at the initial meeting. 
  • Anonymity Online & Tracking 7th Tradition Donations by Online Meetings:  Member asks if there is a way to identify how much is being donated by Online Meetings.  Concern is that there have been conversations and statements made by members stating that Online Meetings were not participating in the 7th tradition.  Member states this is not true and would like to be able to provide this information to those making these accusations.  Member also brings an issue of members using anonymity as a weapon against hybrid and zoom meetings; and asks if there is direction from NY around Anonymity and Online meetings. Michael C. Chair and Todd S. Webmaster, provide information instruction as to how to obtain this information.  One resource noted was AA Intergroup online.   Michael P. Online Meeting Coordinator:  reminds us that for hybrid meetings, there will always be a portion of the in person room that will be off camera.
  • Hybrid Meeting Vote – Member brings a discussion regarding a current Hybrid meeting that will be voting to separate themself from the in person meeting and become Online Meeting only.   Michael P. Online Meeting Coordinator: encourages groups that no longer want to be hybrid due to the chaos and confusion around having no online monitoring, give the Board a chance to resolve some of the current issues before voting.  Michael P. Reports that the issues related to lack of training around how to structure the online portion with a co Secretary in the zoom room to manage hand raising, to answer online questions, and to manage chat and muting. The Steering Committee is working on training for Secretaries across the board, Online, In Person and Hybrid.  Mark H. Agrees to take the message to the group – but states the group has already taken group conscience to take a vote next week.  


Motion to adjourn and Seconded. Meeting Adjourned At 7:30 pm – Helen B., Secretary