July 2021 Meeting Minutes



MINUTES July 12, 2021


Committee Members:

Chairman: Gerard K., Co-Chair: Michael K., Secretary: Michael C., Treasurer: Meredith J., Accountant: Sari H., Auditor: Michael S., Chips and literature Nikki C., General Services Representative: Leonard L., Grapevine: John G., Intergroup Rep: Jesse G., Supplies: Mike H., Telephone List: Tommy R., Webmaster: Todd S., Zoom Coordinator: Michael P (14)

  1. Call to order: Chairman Gerard K. opened the meeting at 6:30 pm with the Serenity Prayer and read the Mission statement. The Twelve Traditions of AA were read. 
  1. Roll Call. Secretary Michael C did the roll call.

The following Secretaries were in attendance. In person meetings: Tuesday 7am, 830am, Noon, 6pm: Wednesday 7am: Thursday 7am, Noon: Friday 7 am, 830 Noon, 530. 7pm: Saturday 7am, 10 am, 130pm, 6pm, 8pm: Sunday 7 am. 1130 am, 530.

Zoom Meetings: Monday Noon, 530: Tuesday 530: Friday 1030 am.

Committee Members 14. Secretaries 24. Members at large 19 TOTAL 57

  1. Secretaries Report: Michael C., Read minutes from June 14. Motion to accept, seconded and passed.
  1. Treasures Report: Meredith J., Reported on the numbers from last month’s intake of the 7th Tradition and expenditures. Has suggested we reduce the contributions to Central Office from 100% to 50% during the next few months to bolster the prudent reserve to help with the move. Central office is in good shape financially. We would revisit this to return to the 100% after the move. If there any reason there is money left over it would go back to Central office.

A motion to make this temporary reduction to 50% in contributions was made, seconded and voted in favor of.

  1. Co-Chair Michael K. We are mid-stream moving to Hybrid and thanked the members for their help.
  1. Zoom Coordinator: Michael P. Continues to help meetings transition with hybrid meetings. Reminded secretaries who represent more than one meeting to send proxies as well as those who cannot attend. Each secretary both live and zoom has a vote at the steering committee.
  1. Accountant: Sari H. All good financially.
  1. Auditor: Michael S. Not present.
  1. GSR: Leonard L. Nothing to Report, other than the process is taking a long time.
  1. Chips and Literature: Nikki C., Everything is filled. And we don’t need anything. We saved 20% off all the literature we bought last month.
  1. Supplies: Mike H. Doesn’t have anything to report.
  1. Intergroup Rep: Jess G. Central Office their donations were low but are back up and are ok. Book of the month Large Print Big Book ($1.00 off).  The meeting directory is being updated thanks to Sunny Dunes. Well in the Desert still meeting at 1p on Friday and needs support. Preamble has been changed and the formats have been updated. Thanked Michael C for replacing those in the file cabinet.
  1. Grapevine: John G. Connect with Sari. The one-year subscriptions are going through. Announcements have been made.
  1. Webmaster: Todd S. The mapping project to assist in finding new room has receive 120 submissions. Please if you have not don’t so add your general address go to the website to help. And please make announcement at your meetings. Email list is growing. Contact form continues to be popular especially for new people The history of Sunny Dunes doc was added written by Mark C the historian. Thanks to Mark.
  1. Phone list: Tommy. Nothing new to report. Considers mering with zoom but will wait. Discussion around the merging of zoom members. Will wait until after this next list is produced. Maybe do a fresh enrollment.
  1. Chairman Report: Gerard K.,

2 Positions open are 1. maintenance. No volunteers. Next position open: 2. Cleaning Coordinator.  Consider hiring a cleaning committee.

Moving Update: 3 left to consider. 2 haven’t gotten back to us. Stater Brothers have not returned phone call. 559 near Revivals, and the space next to the old Mor Furniture. We are getting info from and the negations will begin. Ultimately everyone will have a vote.

It was suggested we consider negotiating a 4-year lease with an option to extend 3years in case in 3 years we want to purchase a building. Pitch was made about other cities buying a building and other AA lambda like clubhouses. Members suggesting giving other options. Member likes long term. Get it out of the way and is cheaper overall. Another pitch was made for buying a building like Lambda. Great space, large meeting space, events, fund raisers, space for new comers to gather. Sunny Dunes could easily do this, we have funds, brain and brawns. We can do this.

Also left over from last month, we need a vote to accept the anonymous $30k donation.  Would anyone like to make a motion, then we can discuss. The discussion already took place at previous meetings. Poll the room.  Motion accepted, seconded and Vote carried.

Gerard announced mentioned from last month the creation of a bylaw committee to be open to not just steering committee members but to all members to review, revise and update the bylaws to meet over a series of months. If anyone is interested to let him know. It doesn’t need a motion to be voted on but this would serve as an announcement to get that started. Really important to do this. Get back to Gerard if interested and he will put it on FB page.

There was a motion also left from last month which was tabled to change the bylaws to add the Zoom coordinator to the executive committee.   The reason it was added at that time was there was no steering committee and there were only three people on executive committee and they were the only ones making decisions and felt it was alright to make a bylaws change. We added it for cohesiveness and unity to bring us all together at a time when things were falling apart. That’s why it was done. Now that we are back it’s been suggested that meeting secretaries bring this back to the meetings to take a vote if it’s still relevant. So, the motion is going forward if you want to add the Zoom Coordinator to the executive committee.

Michael P. We have already discussed this, you are saying to add this, it was already added 4 months ago, so now you’re putting on the table to vote on it again which would be under new business. But to add to what you said, we had 40 meetings that had secretaries and zoom was brough into be the voting body of the steering committee and merged to help rebuild sunny dunes and all the monies that were keeping the room afloat was coming in from zoom.

Motion to have the Zoom coordinator added to the executive committee. If we feel the need to have a motion

Member. If that’s a motion, I will second that.

Michael P. Actually, the motion would be to overturn the decision made 4 months ago.

A motion was made and seconded. Gerard will follow-up with at written statement to the secretaries about the motion and the pros and cons and will be distributed.

Member: Indicated he didn’t see why it would be up on the Executive committee and not the regular committee.

Member: Why bring a vote back? If members were interested, they should just attend this meeting. Michael C reminded Secretaries are attending the steering committee meeting to report back to the meetings the goings on Sunny Dunes. They also have a vote when motions are presented.

Member: Why the push to get this on the committee. Recommended to table it until the bylaws change let the coordinator enjoy the position of coordinator. Since there was no vote, what’s the push.  

Gerard: Some feel they already on the board based on a decision 4 months ago.

Member: Who owns the Zoom Account? Gerard indicated we do; we pay for it.  (Sunny Dunes) owns it. Meredith verified this week; it is the name of Sunny Dunes. And Sunny Dunes pays for it.

Michael P. Said he thought the motion needs to go through and this (who owns the account) needs a bigger discussion. Michael P owns the Zoom Account. Sunny Dunes stepped in to up-grade it but I own it. It will transfer to SD as soon as this is settled.


Easiest way is to write this (motion) up and send it out.

Is there a motion to close?

Before we close a member want to have a special 2-hour forum meeting. The Tarot Topics meeting is turning year want to do hybrid celebrate and have a few panelists to discuss what the many paths to spiritually. The meeting follows AA traditions. This is one time event.

Need a motion to approve Rory’s meeting and second. Sunday 18th at 8pm. Motion, seconded and vote carried.


Motion to adjourn. Second.

Meeting ended with Serenity prayer at 739 pm.

Thank you for letting me be of service.



Michael C Secretary.