Special Meeting of the Transition Committee – March 26, 2022


Board Members:  5

Committee Chairs:  7

Inperson Meetings Represented: 29

Online Meetings Represented: 6

Secretaries Attending: 32

Members at large: 16

Meeting is called to order at 3pm by Chair – Michael C. with Serenity Prayer.

Michael C. begins by reviewing recent changes made to the Bylaws:

  1. Page 1 of bylaws changing the wording of LGBTQ+ to state LGBTQ+ and Allies.  In order to ensure inclusivity of all who attend meetings at Sunny Dunes Clubhouse.
  2. Changes to initial decision to remove safe.  After careful consideration it is decided that the safe will remain for cash donations received by in person meetings.  


  1. Will we continue to use Zelle?   Answer:  Yes at this time we will continue to use Zelle for online contributions.
  2. Is Sunny Dunes Inc. incorporated?  Answer:  Yes

Michael reviews agenda/structure for the today’s meeting. 

  1. Review of group agreement
  2. Turn meeting over to David from Central Office to provide education, support, and training for groups members, Secretaries, and Treasurers.

Group Agreement Review

Highlights of Discussion:

  • Sunny Dunes has a huge online presence and the group agreement covers the support from Clubhouse as well as the responsibilities of both online and in person groups.
  • Secretaries at both online and in-person meetings will read the Secretary’s announcement at each meeting.  Communication to/from Board of Directors will become even more important as we go forward with this new model. 
  • Secretary’s Announcement will be found under the class at in-person meetings, and in the chat for online meetings.  
  • Attendees at online meetings will use zelle, paypal, venmo for 7th tradition donations.  This method of payment is also available for in the room donations as well as continuing to put cash in the basket.
  • Going forward there will be improvements in the process allowing each meeting to be linked to a specific identifying code for their donations.  In the room cash donation envelopes will have a space to indicate the group codes as well.  
  • Any donation made that is not connected to a group code will be credited to Sunny Dunes Inc.  
  • Quarterly each meeting will receive a disbursement of 20% of all money donated for their group.  This disbursement will be made by check to the group’s Treasurer in Jan, April, July and October.
  • It is the group’s responsibility to ensure that Sunny Dunes Inc. has contact information of the Current Secretary and Treasurer complete with complete name, mailing address, email address and telephone #.
  • H&I donations will be decided upon by group conscience. 
  • Failure to pay rent:  Noticies will be sent to group at 30 continuous days, 60 continuous days and for non payment – over 90 days, will be considered the groups election to terminate this agreement.
  • Use of in-person group room is available 30 minutes before meetings and 30 minutes after.  
  • Online Meetings will use Sunny Dunes Inc Zoom accounts.  Michael P. is working with Zoom to maintain current group numbers.
  • All In-person groups agree to follow city, county rules in regard to fire safety, occupancy limits, health/safety – masks, and any other mandates.
  • No Pets in Clubhouse.  We will follow California law regarding Service Animals.
  • Cleanliness of meeting space, responsibility of group attendees.
  • Group specific announcements will be contained to a shared bulletin board to be designated for this use.  
  • Emergency:  Call 911 and reach out to a Board Member, numbers affixed to the wall between the two bathrooms.  There is a special number posted when disturbance is related to our transient population.
  • Sunny Dunes, Inc. has complete discretion in determining the schedule for the availability of the facility:  publishes schedule of meetings at the clubhouse and online meetings.  Reserves the right to modify the Clubhouse schedule at any time.  The Clubhouse will use it’s best efforts to avoid disrupting group meeting times and will give adequate notice if there is a conflict.  

Additional Comments, Suggestions, Questions and Discussion related to review of Group Agreement: 

Discussion as to safety in the rooms is brought forth by several members.

Michael C. and Michael K., advise that the board is taking these issues seriously and will be looking at ways to ensure room safety for all users.  

Michael C., reviews beginning in June the monthly Board Meetings of Sunny Dunes Inc., will begin meeting on Zoom on the second Monday of every month at 6:45 so as to not continue to disrupt the Monday 5:30 meeting.  

Question:  Can daily 7 am meetings be one group?

Answer:  Tabled to next section with David from Central Office. 

Question:  Who signs the Group Agreement?

Answer:  At this time no signature is required.  This is being reviewed and more direction will be completed as we get closer to our May date. 

Question:  How long is the term for Secretary or Treasurer?

Answer:  This is tabled to be discussed with David from Central Office. 

Question:  How will we know if the Treasurer of the group is doing what he is supposed to do with the money?

Answer:  Age old question, to be covered more fully with David from Central Office.  One member offered that there is a full pamphlet by NY on what to do if the treasurer takes off with the money.

Question:  When is this transition taking place?

Answer:  May 10

Question:  Will literature and chips still be provided by Sunny Dunes Inc.

Answer:  Yes.  Michael C. also reviewed that this could be altered by group conscience of specific group.

Comment:  Member makes a statement that both the Secretary and the Treasurer should be given an accounting of amount of disbursements to provide checks and balances.

Response:  Chair Michael C., states that this will be included in Treasurer’s report monthly and disbursements made to each group would be accounted for in these reports.  

Question:  Can a group still donate a book to a newcomer who cannot afford to buy one.  

Answer:  Group consensus is that this will continue to be our process. Board will look into this fully to ensure that we adhere to our new non profit status.  

PART II – Training and discussion led by David of Central Office.  

David Reviews Service Structure of AA.  Reverse Triangle. 

Reviews the importance of this upside down triangle and that each of us is now entering this powerful service structure.  Reminds us that the Secretary’s role is to uphold the 12 traditions and the 12 concepts. Discusses the AA Service Manual and recommends that each group/meeting have one.  

David offers workshops over the coming months and weeks and is making himself available as we need him to meet with individual groups, or groups of Secretaries, Treasurers and Members to walk them through this transition.  Can also help groups with business meetings.  

David discusses: The 12 Concepts, Minority Opinion, and has brought pamphlets, and literature for us to take back to our meetings.  Also discusses pamphlet that outlines recommended distribution of funds  and reminds us that each meeting has the right to manage these funds by our group conscience.  Recommends reading “where money and spirituality mix”.  As well as “the democracy of AA” on how to hold business meetings.

Terms of service positions are also decided by the group conscience.  There are pamphlets that make recommendations and remind us of the importance of “spirit of rotation”.  Recommended Treasurer’s rotation – one year.

First Bank of Palm Desert has agreed to help any Groups who would like to open up group checking accounts with no service charge.  This branch is on Monterey and 111.  

Question:  How do we create a group with many meetings?

Answer:  Plan a business meeting for the purpose of making this decision.  Announce it daily for a week.  Take a group conscience.  

Once it is decided – apply to NY for a group number.  This allows the group to make donations to NY and other AA service bodies.

Elect minimally a secretary and treasurer and strongly recommend a GSR and IG rep.  We are under represented at this time.  We need Sunny Dunes meetings to be represented in the Valley, the District, Region and in NY.


Groups should begin announcing the need for business meeting and group conscious to decide if they want to be part of a bigger whole or continue as an individual group.

The week of April 4 or April 11th elect trusted servants.

Elected Secretaries and Treasurers to attend the Saturday Workshops on

April 9th and April 16 with David from Central Office at Sunny Dune, 3pm newly elected trusted servants for anyone who wants to come and get more information and more training.  

Meeting Adjourned at 5:15pm with Serenity Prayer.