Steering Committee Meeting May 9, 2022 – draft

Meeting Called to order by Chair Michael C. at 6:30 pm with the Serenity Prayer.

The 12 Traditions were presented by Red.

Minutes from the last month were accepted.

All Reports were waived except the Treasurer’s report.  

Treasurer – Ernie S. presented summary of report.  

Discussion from a member about the Prudent Reserve.  Which is being rolled over into the Sunny Dunes Clubhouse.  

Michael Crosby thanked the Founding Members of Sunny Dunes.

Mark C., Bill L., Thom M., Gene K.,  Willie R., and Robert C.  

Mark, Bill, Thom and all shared a brief summary of their experience.  

A motion was made to close the meeting and accepted at 645. 

Final Meeting of the 5th Traditions Group Steering Committee Meeting Closed with Serenity Prayer.