Sunny Dunes, Inc Board Meeting Minutes:  May 9, 2022

Meeting called to order at 7 pm by Chair Michael C.

And opened with the Serenity Prayer.

Board Members Represented: Quorum Met with 7 members

Michael C. – Chair

Michael K. – Co Chair

Helen B. – Secretary 

Ernie S. – Treasurer

Gene M. – Co Treasurer

Shay T. – Membership Chair

Mike H. – Operations Chair

Board Member Reports:

Chair:  Michael C. reviews Agenda and introduces the new Board of Directors for Sunny Dunes, Inc – The Clubhouse.  Also reviewed the responsibilities and rules that Sunny Dunes, Inc. Board of Directors are held to uphold according to state non profit guidelines and the IRS rules and specifications.  

Michael reviewed the differences between the Steering Committee Meetings and the new Board of Directors Monthly Meeting, and the role of the members of the Sunny Dunes Clubhouse.  Clubhouse Members may attend all meetings, however they will not have a voice during the meeting.  Members who have concerns, questions may address them at the Board of Directors Meeting if they have notified the Board by Email a minimum of 2 days prior to the meeting.  10 minutes will be allocated to the discussion of these requests at the end of the Board of Directors Meeting.  

Co Chair:  Michael K.  “We learn in AA that the ego must be smashed, how to be a worker among workers, and how to become part of WE.  

There were many people along the way that contributed to the process of becoming a non-profit, but two stand out.  I know they won’t say anything because of what we learn in the rooms, so I would appreciate you joining me in acknowledging Michael C and Todd S… who were responsible for ensuring that all the decisions made during the planning and transition phase were actually put into action.  Dotting every “I” and crossing every “T” as it were.  Michael C. and Todd S. met for hours in between meetings to ensure that all our decisions were researched and well thought out and processed, and that all of the work behind the decisions such as: explaining, educating, responding to questions, updating the envelopes, the meeting log sheets, creating data collection processes, multiple changes to web page, to FaceBook page, adding resources to the web page were completed in a timely fashion.   All of this leading up to the execution and documentation of all the new processes assisted the Planning and Transition Commissions in standing before you this evening!

Heartfelt Thank You’s and applause.” 

Secretary:  Helen B. – No new report.  

Treasurer:  Ernie S. – No new report.

Co Treasurer:  Gene M. was introduced into his new position as Co Treasurer by Michael C.

Membership Chair: Shay T. – Reports her enthusiasm for the start of the new Clubhouse.  Discussed hopes for future events, dinners, Karaoke, cards, games, and a place for Members to hang out between meetings with fellow alcoholics.  

Standing Committee Reports:

Chips and Literature – James M. – not present report given by Michael C.:

Chips and Literature being tracked and ordered

Online Meeting Coordinator – Michael P. – not present

Operations Chair:  Mike H – A/C contract completed for regular maintenance and trouble calls.  Doors to be painted.  New Coffee Pots in Place.  Plug in back of the room repaired.  

Webmaster – Todd S.

Reviewed the new web page.  Reviewed all new links, resources and 

Web page improvements.  Reviewed the new Zelle/Paypal functions, group codes.  A review of the Membership Page, how to become a member and a review of the different membership levels.  

Old Business:  None 

New Business:  Chair Michael C.

  1. Old PayPal Account has been replaced with a new Sunny Dunes, Inc. account.
  2. Gene M. was confirmed to replace Ricky Noll as Co Treasurer.
  3. A explanation of the New Language Added to our Group Agreement:

“Conduct detrimental to the facility or its functioning” has been added to the group agreement.  The group agreement is posted in the back of the room and can also be found online.  Sunny Dunes Inc. reserves the right to refuse the use of the clubhouse by any group or individual.  

Safety concerns addressed specifically related to the increased aggressive behavior of two of our known homeless visitors; we are asked to ensure that all secretaries of in person meetings respond in the same way going forward.  Christine and Christopher are no longer welcomed or allowed in the room.  All secretaries are asked to meet Christopher     or Christine and state they are not allowed in the room and that the police will be called.  All secretaries should alert the 911 to report  their presence in or around the premises as there is an open case and they cannot be served if the Police are not made aware.  Case number 2205 P0925 should be given to dispatcher at time of call.  Of course it is understood that each secretary will take the action that is within their safety and comfort level.  Minimal action required –  if seen in the area or attempting to come in our building the police 911 line should be called with the above case number.  

  1. Board is working on new Introduction Statement to be read at the beginning of each Board Meeting similar to the Old Steering Committee Meeting.  Describing the role of the Board, what it is and what it is not.  
  1. New Bank account for Sunny Dunes, Inc. is open.
  1. Discussion regarding the 80/20 split and changing this split for Online Meetings to 50/50 split.  Due to the difference in resources provided to these groups.  Chips, literature provided for in person meetings and not needed at this time for Online.  A motion is made and seconded.  Motion Carried.
  1. Discussion as to the replacing the outdoor Sunny Dunes 5th Tradition sign as well as the GayAAinthe sign to reflect Sunny Dunes, Inc. and  
  1. Logo contest to be launched to create new logo for signage as well as correspondence, website, etc.  An invitation offered to membership for anyone interested in subcommittee to run this Logo Contest.  Board of Directors will decide the winner of the contest.
  1. The round 5th Tradition sign in the room will remain as a memoriam.
  1. Announcement that the Board is looking for interested individuals who would want to do service as a subcommittee to create, plan the Annual Dinner Event.  May 9th 2023.  
  1. The doors inside the room will be painted soon.
  1. New Coffee Makers were purchased and are in place.
  1. The electrician came and fixed the plugs in the back of the room.
  1. An invitation is extended to individuals who would be interested in being on the Building Committee.  Soterius has offered to help with this and has experience.  Looking for members for this Committee.  Reminder that our Lease ends June 2024.  A member from floor offers that the leasing company also has a right to end our lease with a 135 day notice.  
  1. Future Board Meetings will occur at 6:45 pm via Zoom on the 2nd Monday of the month.  The Board Members will be on Zoom, anyone can access the link to attend and listen.  It will be listed on the bulletin board as well as on the website.  

Next meeting of Board of Directors Meeting will be June 13, 2022 at 6:45 pm.